Americas #1 Oddsmaker Declares… Winners, Inc. is the Goldman Sachs of Sports Gam-ing Information, Analysis, Advice, and Predictions

Americas #1 Oddsmaker Declares…

Winners, Inc. is the Goldman Sachs of Sports Gam-ing Information, Analysis, Advice, and Predictions(21)

Ride The Next Wave of Legalized Sports Betting as Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK: WNRS) Prepares to Dominate a Volcanic $39 Billion Market(1)

You can be for it or against it, but its growth is undeniable. Online legalized sports betting has arrived in such a colossal way that no one could have ever have foreseen.

Since 1931 the only way anyone could legally wager on a sports event was to fly to Las Vegas. Or, risk it with a local bookie who was not so pleasant if one lost the wager and didn’t pay up. Capice?

Over the last 36 years, the undisputed King of Vegas Sports Gam-bling has been the founder of Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK: WNRS) Wayne Allen Root.

Root was a former oddsmaker, national handicapping champion, NFL analyst for CNBC. Basically? He was known as America’s oddsmaker.

Simply put, he is THE dominant player in the industry and a legend.

How legendary? He has a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

The Game Completely Changed In 2018 When the Supreme Court Legalized Sports Gam-bling

The Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize sports wagering, striking down a 1992 federal law prohibiting most states from authorizing sports wagering.

The 6-3 ruling was a significant victory for states who have considered allowing sports wagering as a way to encourage tourism and tax revenue.

Before that landmark decision, the internet was rife with illegal sites that popped up all over, mainly in Costa Rica, Maldives, and other exotic locations. The problem for customers was getting money in and out of one’s account. The whole process was incredibly risky and fishy at best.

This decision made it legal to place wagers online with trustworthy companies like MGM, Penn Gam-ing, Caesars Palace, and more.

The Opportunities are Unprecedented

Root says, “all those people now wagering legally will need someone to give them advice. That’s the opportunity. To be the Merrill Lynch or the Charles Schwab or the Goldman Sachs or the JP Morgan of the weekend.”

The idea is to develop the number one database of sports gam-blers nationwide. This allows leasing and sales of data to the major ca-sin-os.

As we know, there is huge money in data. Facebook’s market cap is divided by monthly active users; the figure comes out at around $3k per user per year.

In short, the court’s decision is spawning a whole new industry. One that is still in its infancy as the broader part of the market has yet to occur.

How $2,500 Could Have Turned Into a MASSIVE FORTUNE

Just take a look at one of the early beneficiaries of the Supreme Court decision. It was a company called DraftKings. The company is currently authorized to accept wagers in 14 states.

Imagine this. $2,500 of DraftKings shares purchased on September 5, 2019, before its NASDAQ listing, could have reached $233,687.50 when it hit $75.58 on July 7, 2020. That’s a heart-stopping 9,347.5% potential move in LESS THAN ONE YEAR.

This shows the incredible opportunity available in this exciting space.

This Is Shaping Up to Be a Business Boom Like We’ve Never Seen Before

Another beneficiary of the court’s decision was Barstool Sports. The company has its roots as a rowdy Boston sports blog founded in 2003.

It’s estimated Barstool generated between $90 million and $100 million in revenue, with the majority coming from podcasts, merchandise sales, and gam-bling deals.

What Barstool had was an extensive database of people interested in sports gam-ing. The company was bought by behemoth Penn National Gam-ing for an incredible $450 Million.

New Jersey Sportsbooks Saw a Record $1.01 Billion Wagers in September

Skeptical? Well, doubt no longer. Just ONE STATE repeat, ONE STATE took in over $1 billion in wagers for September 2021…That’s only a single month!

27 states, including DC, are already in operation with 5 more pending legislation or final approvals.

Are you beginning to see how big this market can get and how quickly it can happen?

Winner, Inc. (OTC PINK: WNRS) is Developing a Magnetically Engaged Database of Users

When reflecting on a potential buyout, Root declared, “We’re going to have a database that blows away Barstool Sports. They’ve just got people watching videos. We’re going to have people who check-in for research analysis and advice and scores and odds and weather and injuries for sporting events. That’s because they are specifically sports gam-blers, sports bettors, sports gam-bling enthusiasts.

It is the perfect database for anyone from Wynn, to the Venetian, Las Vegas Sands, to MGM, to Caesars, to Penn National. We’re going to have all the names of all the specific sports gam-blers in America in one database. I think we’ll have a very valuable company.”

Goldman Estimates This To Be A Potential $39 Billion Juggernaut

Winners Inc. is sitting in the catbird seat coming out of the global health emergency. Sports wagering, in fact, is one of the few industries that benefited. People are not only betting virtually, but also practically doing everything online.

Americans legally wagered nearly $27 billion on sports through July, generating more than $350 million in federal, state, and local taxes.(1)

Goldman Sachs estimates that a combination of legislative initiatives and broader consumer adoption could push online sports betting from a $900 million market in 2021 to $39 billion in 2033 at a monstrous 40% CAGR.

Building Unprecedented Value with the Industry’s Mega-Dream Team

We all know Las Vegas has long been known as the betting capital of the world. And Wayne Allen Root is simply one of the biggest there is. But he’s not going it alone.

Root has assembled a team of handicappers or sports advisors that in talent could be compared to the 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team – or the Dream Team.

President Howard Lefkowitz:
The Innovator at the Intersection of Things

Start with Vegaswinners President Howard Lefkowitz. He is the former CEO of and former senior executive for Earthlink and the Home Shopping Network.

Lefkowitz refers to himself as an innovator at the intersection of things. He said, “at, I was told literally no one will ever buy a room or show ticket in Vegas on the internet. That’s just never going to happen. Well, we went from $30,000 per month in sales to a little over $400 Million a year. So wow!”

Listen to Howard Discuss the Incredible Upside of WNRS

Winners is Dealing a Natural 21 Every Time

The company features 21 of the greatest sports handicappers in America. They include legends like Root, Chip Chirimbes, Joe D’Amico, Mike Funaro, and Dennis Macklin.

Astonishing Results Keep Clients Coming Back in Droves

The Winners, Inc. Advisory Board includes even more Vegas legends:

  • Phil Hellmuth – Unprecedented 15 World Championships of Poker
  • Phil Gordon – The CEO of, a leading text messaging platform for businesses, non-profits, advocacy groups, and political campaigns
  • Todd Kobrin – Developer of the proprietary “Smart Technology” Sports Betting-Aggregation App
  • Mike Matusow – One of the top professional poker players in the world

Winners Inc. Is All In with a Massive Branding Campaign

Now for the icing on the cake. VegasWinners’ video podcast features the company CEO “The King of Vegas Sports Handicapping” Wayne Allyn Root, with former Baywatch star Angelica Bridges, and other celebrity hosts and handicapping experts.

Podcast guests have included former sports superstars:

  • Willie Randolph
  • Jim Leyritz
  • Sean Salisbury
  • Warren Moon
  • Rick Mahorn

The combination of expert handicappers and sports legends breaking down teams and players is absolutely priceless. No other service can come close to matching the infotainment.

Wayne Interviews Former Yankee Superstar Willie Randolph

This revolutionary new company is positioning itself to take the sports wagering industry to unthinkable heights.

Let’s put this in perspective for you – this company is at the ground-floor stage.

Remember that $450 million deal between Barstool Sports and Penn Gam-ing? It’s really about the size of a micro-cap company.

And if things go right, Winners, Inc. could potentially land billions of dollars worth of data sales contracts in the future.

Let’s not forget the stratospheric rise of DraftKings. Now considering the massive industry growth, the business, and the people behind it. It looks like the future of Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK: WNRS) could be four aces up!

5 Reasons Winners, Inc. (OTC PINK: WNRS) Could Possibly Be the Lock of the Year

  1. Winners, Inc. is led by the most dominant player in an industry estimated to reach $39 billion with an astounding 40% CAGR.
  2. Winners, Inc. is in an advantageous position to profit from the 2018 Supreme Court decision declaring sports gam-bling legal.
  3. Winners, Inc. could mirror DraftKings (DNKGW) that moved a mind-blowing 9,347.50% in less than one year.
  4. The company is made up of an industry Dream Team, including Howard Lefkowitz. He led, Earthlink, and The Home Shopping Network to incredible success.
  5. The company’s exclusive video podcast, including Hollywood celebrities and former sports superstars, is helping drive leads to potentially create America’s #1 database of sports gam-blers. Moreover, it could drive revenues and potentially generate a buyout scenario.

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