Aptitude Research Examines Benefits of Programmatic Job Advertising

NEW YORK and HERZLIYA, Israel, March 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PandoLogic , the world’s leading provider of programmatic recruitment advertising, shared findings from recent report conducted by Madeline Laurano, principal analyst at the talent acquisition industry firm Aptitude Research. Laurano presented the primary research, titled “Don’t Get Left Behind: The Programmatic Revolution Starts Now,” at this week’s Spring HR Tech Conference.

Frustration abounds with traditional job advertising models, given its expensive, inefficient and, most times, ineffective results. These older approaches assume that already stretched recruiters have the time and skills to negotiate, purchase and monitor job advertising investments across a range of job sites, making it no surprise that the ROI is low. In sharp contrast, programmatic job advertising enables companies to re-direct their existing job advertising budgets to modern technology-driven models that provide immediate improvements.

Laurano commented, “In talent acquisition, every company is at a different stage in their advertising and recruitment marketing journey. Although some companies are using programmatic advertising to further their brands, they’re not yet applying it as part of their recruiting strategy. Our findings include a maturity model that will help them determine how much of their job advertising budget is being wasted by not using programmatic.”

Among the benefits of programmatic job advertising, the research identified the following key points:

  • Companies that leverage programmatic are twice as likely (60 percent versus 29 percent) to reduce time-to-fill
  • These companies are also nearly three times (56 percent versus 19 percent) likely to improve quality-of-hire compared to companies using traditional advertising
  • As opposed to traditional advertising, programmatic job advertising advances diversity hiring efforts (47 percent versus 27 percent)

The research was sponsored by the global programmatic job advertising market leader, PandoLogic.

Jennifer Ravalli, vice president, Marketing at PandoLogic, said, “We were proud to sponsor this much needed research with Aptitude. Programmatic job advertising as a category still has relatively low adoption, despite a strong track record for delivering amazing outcomes for clients. As we look toward job recovery over the next year, we believe programmatic job advertising can be a game changing tool for talent acquisition professionals. This research will help support growth of the category overall, by sharing quantitative data that illuminates the results early adopters are seeing.”

Laurano concurred, “We’ve observed evidence of programmatic in action. For example, it was used by a restaurant company with high turnover. They were able to increase applicant volume by 472 percent, reduce cost-per-applicant by 533 percent plus reduce the monthly recruitment investment by 19 percent.”

The Aptitude Research report is available for complimentary download. Please visit https://go.pandologic.com/state-of-programmatic-job-advertising-report to access your copy.

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